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Material Information (before 02/08/2020)


Statement 10/24/2019. January-September results.


Statement 05/25/2015. BIlastine in Japan: ready for registration.
Statement 05/18/2015. Faes Farma has licensed a pharmaceutical product from its portfolio in Spain.
Statement 02/27/2015. Faes Farma increases its net probit by 12.1% in 2014.


Statement 05/14/2014. Bilastine in Canada: signing of a license agreement.


Statement 10/29/2013. Joint-venture in Mexico.
Statement 07/24/2013. January-June results.


Statement 12/13/2012. Faes Farma licences bilastine for South Africa and Argentina.
Statement 07/24/2012. Today Faes Farma S.A. and Taiho Pharmaceutical CO., LTD. have signed in Japan a license agreement for the development and marketing of bilastine in the Japanese market.
Statement 07/17/2012. January-June results.
Statement 07/02/2012. FAES FARMA S.A. informs of the approval of bilastine in Mexico and hidrosmine in Venezuela.
Statement 06/14/2012. Payment of the complementary dividend of 2011.
Statement 04/26/2012. FAES FARMA and INVIDA (MENARINI Group) sign an agreement to commercialize bilastine in 17 countries in Asia - Pacific.
Statement 02/07/2012. FAES FARMA and PFIZER sign a new agreement to extend bilastine's licence to another 21 Latin American markets.
Statement 01/24/2012. Bilastine's launch in Brazil.
Statement 01/18/2012. FAES FARMA S. A. will market 3 products from Laboratorios Salvat, S.A. in 5 Latin American countries, within its expansion plan in this region.


Statement 12/20/2011. Payment of the first interim 2011 dividend of Euros 0.02.
Statement 11/10/2011. FAES FARMA licences Bilastine´s marketing rights in Indonesia.
Statement 09/29/2011. Listing of shares from the Share Capital Increase.
Statement 03/29/2011. Faes Farma markets bilastine under the brand Bilaxten® in Spain.
Statement 02/24/2011. Payment of the second interim dividend of 2010.
Statement 01/12/2011. GSK signs license to market bilastine in Spain and Poland.


Statement 12/23/2010. Bilastine is approved in two other countries.
Statement 12/02/2010. Bilastine is approved in eight European countries.


Statement 12/28/2009. FAES FARMA licences Bilastine's marketing rights to NYCOMED in Brazil.