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1 July, 2015

Neo-Faes (Neoarsenobenzol) is ready for distribution.

Photograph of "Neo-Faes (Neoarsenobenzol) is ready for distribution."

Neo-Faes (Neoarsenobenzol) is ready for distribution.

“Until then, when treating syphilis we always used imported products, and almost exclusively Neosalvarsan.

But for some years a group of brave technicians and financers, following scientific and economic incentives, had tackled the company to manufacture in Spain a preparation that substituted and, if possible, was better than Neosalvarsan.

And that is how NEO-FAES was born.

And that is how, when in charge of our Clinic equipped with a very wide range of research resources and brimming with patients among whom those recently affected by syphilis constituted a legion, we were able, after many thousands of intravenous injections of the national product NEO-FAES, to compare its results with those obtained previously in identical conditions with the genuine Neosalvarsan. The observations were noted in detail in many hundreds of clinical files”.

* Texts: Dr. Sebastian Lazo García (year 1940).
* Photographs: Faes Group photographic archive.

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