Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the way in which companies, in their management, contribute in an active and voluntary manner to the interests of their stakeholders (Workers, clients, suppliers, shareholders…) as well as caring for their ecological and social impact, giving an added value to the company and improving its competitiveness.

CSR must serve to improve the quality of life of the communities it operates in and for society as a whole. This must all be taken into account in the day-to-day management, policies and operations of the entire organisation, by means of a collection of responsibilities for its actions. It must be a global effort, integrated into the value chain of the company and must be materialised in the three spheres of responsibility: economic, social and environmental. It means, in short, that the company takes on responsibility for all its actions.

This is how it is understood by FAES FARMA, assuming its Corporate Social Responsibility as a general commitment (Ethical, social and environmental) to the different groups that interact with the company. FAES FARMA is aware that society is ever more needy of companies that strive for the best balance between the profitability of their activities and contributing to the improvement of all areas which are affected by them.


FAES FARMA’s Corporate Social Responsibility is based on the following commitments:

  • A commitment to Society in general, participating and contributing to sustainable development.
  • A commitment to the Environment, respecting and protecting it.
  • A commitment to Total Quality, striving for excellence in our products.
  • A commitment to our Employees; offering them adequate training.
  • A commitment to our Shareholders, creating value for them.
  • A commitment to our Clients, offering them quality products and services.
  • A commitment to our Suppliers in order to achieve the necessary synergies and balanced mutual benefits.