ESG Strategy

Our ESG strategy

2022 saw the approval of our ESG Strategy, a key milestone in the development of the “ESG Strategy” section of our Strategic plan, establishing a roadmap for sustainability in the coming years.

The set of measures included in the strategy fall into 7 groups:

  • Good governance and Ethics
  • Product innovation
  • People
  • Commitment to the health system
  • Supply chain
  • Environmental management
  • Social contribution
Our ESG strategy
Past and present: Statement of Non-Financial Information
Our sustainable performance in the past, now and in the future

Every year we disclose our sustainability performance through our Statement of Non-Financial Information. This means that our stakeholders have all the information they need about our performance and our progress with our ESG Strategy.

Statement of Non-Financial Information 2022
FUTURE: Our production plant is a benchmark in sustainable building

Our new pharmaceutical production plant in Derio (Bizkaia) will soon receive LEED “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” certification.

Our future main pharmaceutical plant will be a healthier and safer place for its occupants, emitting fewer hazardous gases into the atmosphere and demonstrating a commitment to the fight against climate change.

Notable aspects of the sustainability measures considered in the design are:

  • Installation of renewable energy generation systems (photovoltaic panels).
  • Installation of green roofs.
  • High performance hot water generation systems (heat pumps).
  • Low consumption lighting systems (LED lights) with automatic operation management.
  • Insulation systems better than required by regulations to minimise losses.

Commitment to the environment
Commitment to society
Good governance
Good governance commitment

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