Our commitment to society and our employees

At the heart of our activities lies the health of both humans and animals. R&D+i is one of our main tools in the search for health and nutritional solutions. We ensure high quality and safety of our products throughout the entire process, from supply chain control to after-sales service that allows us to manage possible adverse reactions and special situations.

Our employees embody the Group’s values and are the driving force behind achieving our purpose. We are deeply committed to fostering a safe, healthy, and tolerant workplace, where talent is provided with the tools needed for development.

Health and safety in society
Our performance in 2023
  • Investment and expenditure in R&D&I for the development of new molecules and the innovation of existing ones exceeded 23 million euros.
  • Forming partnerships and joining entities that advocate for R&D+i, quality, and technological advancement to improve the health of society.
  • 54 patents granted in 2022, with 35 being European patents.
  • Expansion of our 24-hour phone service to cosmetics, food, and health products, to improve our handling of inquiries, adverse reactions, and special situations, as well as the Group’s response capabilities.
  • Educational initiatives and campaigns for professional and patient information and training.

Occupational health and safety
Our performance in 2023
  • Approval of the Corporate Occupational Health and Safety Policy.
  • Launch of new collaborative software for managing occupational health and safety at Faes Farma S.A.
  • Psychosocial risk assessment at Faes Farma S.A.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
What are we working to improve?
  • We are progressing with the roll-out of new collaborative software for occupational health and safety management in all other Group companies.
  • As the Group’s employee numbers and facilities grow, we’re intensifying our efforts to adhere to our three-pillar preventive culture: promoting health, preventing occupational risks, and providing health and prevention training.
Our performance in 2023
  • 54% of the Group’s workforce are women.
  • Executive pay gap of 1% (21% in 2021).
  • Faes Farma S.A.’s Equality Plan with 48 initiatives.
  • 7,344 hours spent on training and raising awareness about equality between men and women.
  • 41% of our new hires are from demographics with lower employment rates (under 30s and over 50s), enhancing generational diversity.
What are we working to improve?
  • Approval of the Corporate selection policy.
  • Communication of the Corporate anti-harassment protocol.
  • Publication of a catalogue of work-life balance and shared responsibility measures at Faes Farma S.A.
Our contribution to the community
Our performance in 2023
  • We’ve donated 144,200 units of products to organisations supporting SDGs 2 and 3.
  • Farm Faes promotes employment in regions impacted by rural depopulation.
  • 22 students completing internships at our Lamiako (Leioa, Bizkaia) work centre. Partnerships with universities and educational institutions.
What are we working to improve?
  • Thinking about how to align our priority social actions with our new values.
  • Ongoing work with universities and educational institutions to promote the development of local employment.
Supply chain
Our performance in 2023
  • First supplier ESG assessment questionnaire. Pilot test at Faes Farma S.A.
  • Development of a procedure for assessing the ethical performance of suppliers at Faes Farma Colombia.
What are we working to improve?
  • We’ve updated the Group’s 2022 Code of Ethics and Conduct for Suppliers to broaden its application, covering relationships with suppliers, distributors, partners, licensees, and all other collaborators.
  • We’ve revised the clause on adherence to the new Code of Ethics and Conduct for Third Parties in our Procurement policies.
  • We’ve initiated a pilot eco-design project focusing on packaging for select cosmetic, medical, and food products in partnership with our main suppliers.
  • We’ve shared our eco-design best practices guide with marketing material suppliers in Spain.
Dedicated to attracting and retaining talent.
Human Rights
Our internal and third-party codes of ethics demonstrate our responsibility to commit to Human Rights.
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What are we working to improve?

We’re defining three new R&D&i directions in the pharmaceutical business, with the aim of giving a significant boost to efficiency and meeting goals.

Our goals to standardise and optimise the Pharmacovigilance unit’s processes are to improve the Group’s safety response and management and to strengthen our commitment towards our patients.