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The people who are part of Faes Farma are committed to achieving excellence constantly. Our passion drives us to face challenges and to give the best of us in each project.
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Permanent contracts
Full time contracts
Average training per employee
An innovative project committed to sustainable value creation
Innovation is part of our identity, inspiring us to discover new solutions to improve and set ourselves apart in our sector.
Your health and well-being are our priority
We are committed to creating safe and healthy workplaces, underpinned by our health and safety policy for all employees.
Harassment prevention protocol
We have a protocol for prevention and action
against harassment at work.
Health and Safety policy
We have a corporate Occupational Health and Safety policy.
A diverse and global team where you can play a leading role
We believe in equal opportunities and diversity which is a source of talent and wealth in our company.
International presence
11 Countries
Our own staff is present in 11 countries
Female presence
of the group's staff are women
A project with shared responsibilities
We believe in shared responsibilities and offer measures including flexible working hours and special leave to achieve a family-, personal- and professional-life balance.
Flexible working hours
of employees take advantage of flexible working hours
Flexibility measures
Flexible working hours adjusted to suit the needs of families
Faes Farma

Our Values are what we believe in and our way of being in the world.

We show ourselves as we are, without reservation, because our values are the essence of our corporate identity and we are proud of them.

We are dependable, methodical and professional
We are creative, flexible and proactive
We are responsible, committed and approachable
We have integrity, transparency and honesty
Being part of FAES FARMA means taking part in a project with a common purpose: To take care of health today so as to build a healthier society tomorrow
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Isidro Hermo Blanco
Working in Faes Farma's Industrial area means achieving the utmost technical fulfilment. It means I always stay abreast of developments, based on new projects and improvements.
Isidro Hermo Blanco
Pharmaceutical Technical Director
Jose Luis Velada Calzada
Pharmaceutical Innovation is a young team but its vast experience brings to life products that can greatly improve the quality of life of our patients.
Jose Luis Velada Calzada
Innovation Director
Cristina Campaña Gamiz
Ever since I started working at Faes 19 years ago, I have felt a lot of support from all of the company’s staff. Faes still maintains these identifying traits of approachability and camaraderie.
Cristina Campaña Gamiz
Commercial Unit Manager
Andrés Felipe Gómez Bolaños
The most rewarding part of working at Faes is seeing how our products and our people can make a difference in the quality of life of patients and their community.
Andrés Felipe Gómez Bolaños
CEO Colombia and Central America
María Junco Burgos
Being part of the Licensing department is exciting both professionally and personally, it gives me a comprehensive and global view of the industry.
María Junco Burgos
Licensing Technician