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FAES FARMA corporate website.

Laboratorios Vitoria

Laboratorios Vitoria is a Portuguese pharmaceutical company owned by FAES FARMA. With a modern vision clearly focused on the future, Vitoria Laboratories is a benchmark for the industry, with a consolidated and competitive position in the Portuguese market.

La Farmacia Hoy

La Farmacia Hoy is a new online platform for the FAES FARMA pharmacy office. “La Farmacia Hoy” aims to provide information, education and relations with the world of the Pharmacy Office. With current topics and providing value for users.



INGASO FARM gives priority to field research and our specialisation in feeding piglets means we can recommend made-to-measure programmes for each client.

Initial Technical Foods

ITF, a company specialized in swine nutrition, focuses mainly on the design and manufacture of premixes and feed, for highly specialized diets and technical programmes applied to feed new-born piglets and those in the growth stages.


ProFaes4 Probióticos

ProFaes4 is the first range of probiotics developed and adapted to satisfy the different demands of all stages of life. ProFaes4 is the only powerful probiotic able to be combined with other multi-nutrient products without destabilizing the probiotic.


Pankreoflat coated tablets is a mixture of digestive pancreatic enzymes and Simethicone, which reduce stomach pain and formation and retention of gases.


Hemorrane ointment is a medicine designed to alleviate the symptoms of haemorrhoids.

Gluc Up 15

Gluc Up 15. Glucose needs to be rapidly absorbed and an easy and simple way is to have your Gluc Up 15 always at hand, so exhaustion will not catch you by surprise.

Gluco Sport

Energy in your pocket to go further. Gluco Sport is perfect to recover energy while practicing sport, as its format will enable you to carry it at all times.