Good governance

Good Governance
Our commitment to good governance

At Faes Farma we advocate for the integration of best practices of good governance, ethics, integrity and transparency in our daily operations and management.

Our performance in 2023
  • 55% of independent directors.
  • 44.4% of women on the Board of Directors (40% in 2022).
  • Both the Audit and Compliance Committee and the Appointments and Remuneration Committee are chaired by women.
  • Board members have received specific training in Sustainability and Cybersecurity.
  • New Internal Reporting System Policy and whistleblowing channel in compliance with Law 2/2023.
What are we working to improve?
  • Separation of the positions of Chair of the Board of Directors and the CEO.
  • We ensure compliance with regulations and standards such as the ‘Pharmaceutical Industry Code of Practice’.
Corporate Governance
Shareholders and investors
Value creation and strategic decision-making are based on a well-structured and well-functioning Board of Directors and senior management. We have the channels we need to maintain an ongoing dialogue with shareholders and other stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and employees, among others.
Code of Ethics and Conduct
This code sets out the 5 ethics at the heart of our business, which form part of the corporate culture: regulatory compliance, internal control, commitment to people, ethics on the market and a commitment to society and the environment.
Code of Ethics and Third Party Conduct
This code sets out our commitment to applying the principle of ethics and integrity due diligence, both within the organisation and throughout the supply chain.
Internal information System (“Whistle-blower channel”)

Any member of the group or third party who becomes aware of or suspects regulatory non-compliance can report it internally. Reporting persons can choose to identify themselves or to remain anonymous. The channel can also be used to make internal queries concerning regulations that apply to the Group.

Whistle-blower channel
Corporate policies
A wide range of policies apply to the entire Group, including our commitments.
Fecha Tipología
2023 Code of Ethics and Third Party Conduct Download
2023 Internal information System Policy Download
2023 Board Remuneration Policy
2022 Health and Safety Policy Download
2021 Sustainability Policy Download
2020 Internal conduct regulations concerning engaging in activities related to the stock market Download
2018 Code of Ethics and Conduct Download
2015 Directors selection policy Download
- Policy for communicating with and contacting shareholders, investors and voting advisers Download