AT CAPSELOS, EIG is a company born to develop microencapsulation procedures and to manufacture microencapsulated products.

Even though it is a young company, it has extent “know-how” and a technical team with years of experience in the development of formulation processes and encapsulation of products for different applications.

Furthermore, CAPSELOS has its own catalogue, an important line of work is to develop together with other companies “tailor-made” projects and products for specific applications. These works are carried out with the adequate confidentiality between both parts.

CAPSELOS also has experience in the development of projects of international cooperation: IBEROEKA project IBK 07-519 “MICROCAPSE” and EUREKA project E! 4635 “NEARCAPS”.

Our major concern is quality. Therefore, we have worked to obtain the FAMI-QS Certification for our animal feed products (microencapsulated premixtures).

For more information, visit their web here.

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