The goal of Faes is to seek new opportunities to add value, maximize the commercial activity and generate a positive impact on the sustainability, growth and expansion of the company’s business.

Once identified, opportunities are included into our product portfolio through agreements such as:

For this purpose, Faes plays an active role focused on the planning of activities that involves and strengthens the image of the company in Spain, Portugal and the rest of the world, and by contacting with third parties to develop and market products (prescription, OTC, food supplements, etc) and innovative projects (new molecules and innovations).

We offer our reliable expertise and commercial effectiveness to other partners who require support in our strategic areas. Faes is known as being flexible doing business, facilitating the execution of agreements with third parties.

Faes is committed to its partners and their projects, pursuing the success of both parties. Faes is supporting the commercial partnership during the duration of the agreement, providing solutions through our work and management. We are looking for partners to achieve a common goal. We constantly care for our alliances.