Fundido Edificio laboratorios Diafarm con FAES FARMA

By mid-2017, Faes Farma (founded in 1933) incorporates Laboratorios Diafarm (1982) into its structure.

This incorporation broadens Faes Farma’s field of activity in the OTC and Healthcare products segment, extending its operations to other EU countries, such as France and Italy.

In this way, own and distributed brands such as Arnidol, Ricola, Roha-Max, Siken, Bekunis, Vitanatur, together with other products go on to expand Faes Farma´s current Healthcare and OTC business units which include ProFaes4 (the line of probiotics), NasoFaes, OtiFaes TAPONOX, Venosmil, etc.

Likewise, boosting the know-how in Healthcare, the development of new products (R + D + i) aimed at the pharmacy and the mass market will be increased.

To learn more about Faes Farma, its business lines and product vademecum, follow this link:

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