Surveillance is a Public Health activity aiming to identify, quantify, evaluate and prevent possible hazards derived from the use of commercialized products.

If the marketed product is a drug, it is called Pharmacovigilance. If the marketed product is a Medical Device, Cosmetic, Food, Food Supplement or another category, it is generically called Surveillance (in the case of Cosmetics it is also known as Cosmethovigilance).

FAES FARMA, S.A. is a Pharmaceutical Company Holder of the Marketing Authorization of Medicines and Holder and/or Marketer of Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Food, Food Supplements and other consumer products, and has the obligation to have and maintain a Surveillance System that enables the management of suspected adverse reactions and any incident reported by healthcare professionals and/or consumers.

For Faes Farma Group, one of our main goals is to guarantee the maximum safety of all the products we commercialise.
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