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1 July, 2015

…Such as drying the product in special ovens.

Photograph of "...Such as drying the product in special ovens."

...Such as drying the product in special ovens.

“As a result of the war, with patents and manufacturing privileges abolished, the French chemical industry, driven by the double incentive of necessity and competition, launched numerous substitutes for Salvarsan and Neosalvarsan. They were simple chemical type variants of arsenic benzene. They were distributed under the names of Sulfarsenol, Rodarsan, Treparsenan and their corresponding Neosulfarsenol, Neorodarsan, Neotreparsenan, etc., while the English were creating Arsphenamine and Neoarsphenamine.

During the war, too often in France and sometimes in Germany, due to rushed, defective production, the sorrowful black series of arsenic preparations made their appearance. They were so-called due to the many serious accidents they caused. For this reason, and for others that cannot be so easily confessed, the black legend was intensified, fuelled by the abundant publications about tragic and even mortal neosalvarsan accidents.

It was also during the European war when our attendance for many months at a dermo-venereological Clinic known worldwide allowed us to learn something about methods and techniques that, until then, were unknown or hardly known in Spain”.

Compañía farmacéutica española investigando, produciendo y comercializando productos farmacéuticos a nivel global durante más de 80 años