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Several reasons make Faes an attractive commercial partner in Spain, Portugal and international territories, either to obtain exclusive licenses or to be granted commercialization rights (Co-marketing, Co-promotion, Co-branding, Distribution, Fostering, etc).

Faes is a partner of choice for being:

  • A consolidated company (since 1933) and top 5-ranking firm on the innovative prescription pharmaceutical market in Spain and Portugal.
  • A Spanish company with the largest presence on the Portuguese market, apart form its significant and growing international presence.
  • A Spanish company quoted on the Madrid Stock Exchange since the 1940’s.
  • A company with an excellent reputation among the medical community and a long and successful history marketing Rx and OTC products.
  • A company with a large sales force (>400 reps globally).
  • A company with its own R&D&innovation department.
  • A company devoted to its partners, with commercial long-term partnerships.
  • A company with a remarkable regulatory capacity and contacts with local authorities.

Strategic Areas


Bilastine (Bilaxten®) is leading this field. Bilastine is an in-house developed antihistamine launched on the European market in 2011 and presently marketed in almost 80 countries through our partners. Bilastine is indicated for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and urticaria. Apart from the research knowledge, Faes possesses the commercial expertise, which makes it one of the leading pharmaceutical laboratories in the Allergy speciality.
The R&D in Allergy continues, and we keep advancing on new developments offering solutions to allergic patients.

Within the ENT speciality, Faes is marketing Tanakene® (Ginko biloba), thanks to an agreement reached with the French multinational company Ipsen.


Faes has a vast experience in this field. Since 1987, we market the in-house developed drug hidrosmin (Venosmil®). The excellent response to this product has permitted Faes to be considered an absolutely reliable company. Additionally, hidrosmin is the most exported molecule of the company, being distributed throughout more than 40 countries.

The range of phlebotonics is completed with Esberiven® (troxerutine), a product of high efficacy and easy posology.


The outstanding results of bilastine in urticaria strengthens Faes’s position in the therapeutic area of Dermatology. The efficacy in the urticaria indication and the high security profile made bilastine the drug of choice by medical specialists.

Thanks to Faes’s innovation labour, in the years to come new solutions to patients with dermatological problems will be offered.


In 2011, Faes entered the Endocrinology field launching two products to treat diabetes type-II: sitagliptine (Ristaben®) and sitagliptine & metformine (Ristfor®), both as MSD licensees. The commercialization of these two products represents an additional challenge to Faes, which with a broad commercialisation experience and a long history on the pharma market, has been able to reach a solid position on the Diabetes market.


The GI activity started in 1982 with ranitidine, a GSK license. Faes’ presence in the area grew in 2002, with the acquisition of mesalazin (Claversal®) from GSK, for the treatment Crohn’s disease.

In 2005, Faes acquires Pankreoflat® containing the digestive enzyme pancreatin from the company Solvay. Pankreoflat is an OTC product, still nowadays of high importance in our Consumer Health business.

In 2006, Faes acquires the trade mark Hemorrane® (hydrocortisone) for the treatment of haemorrhoids. The sales figures of Hemorrane® strengthen the GI product range.

In 2014, Faes launched the ProFaes4 probiotic range, based on the consortium Lab4, backed up by clinical studies. The current range includes five products: ProFaes4 Adultos, ProFaes4 Digest, ProFaes4 Viajeros, ProFaes4 Edad Escolar and ProFaes4 Dual Vit.

Inflammation, bone and metabolism

Since the 1980’s, Faes has sustained a significant position in the areas of pain, rheumatology, inflammation and osteoporosis. In fact, we are still leaders selling vitamine D (Hidroferol®), which is one of the top-selling products of the company. Hidroferol® shall be expanded shortly with an innovative presentation of soft capsule, as a result of our in-house R&D+i department.

Etoricoxib, MSD’s license, has been marketed since 2010 under the trademark Acoxxel®. This product has reached a great market share, showing that etoricoxib is a leading option in the inflammation market.


Until the present, it has been lead by the tonic Dynamogen® (arginine), which is exported in more than 30 markets. Shortly, our presence shall be increased with the launch of the paediatric bilastine presentation, expected in 2016.


Over the last 20 years, Faes has had a large portfolio of respiratory products, thanks to license agreements signed with multinational companies such as GSK and Novartis. The respiratory section has always contained the top-selling products of the company, being an area of outstanding growth within the company.